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    HR 2.0 Reform thats reshaping its work ecosystem

    HR 2.0 Reform that’s reshaping its work ecosystem

    Sep 28, 2021 | Organization Development & Governance

    Human Resources had to step up and go from being a repository of “what employees need to do” to being the force that fosters loyalty, catalyses positive change in workers and identifies leadership potential to ultimately fulfil the business vision. The much-publicized talent war has only added impetus to this drive.

    It all starts with a talent mindset

    Traversing this landscape, we halt at today. The now when HR is being challenged the most. It is no longer enough to find people who fit pre-defined roles and to position a company as the ideal employer.

    HR 2.0 Reform thats reshaping its work ecosystem - figure 1

    HR evolution

    HR departments must have an outside-in approach where they pick and groom candidates with the view to create desirable outcomes for external stakeholders like customers, investors and even the larger community based on their issues and needs.

    HR 2.0 Reform thats reshaping its work ecosystem - figure 2

    Top 5 Characteristics of a Future Ready HR Department

    1# HR is no longer pleasing the boss

    It has re-adjusted priorities and is intent on improving employee intimacy. Human Resources professionals should not be viewed as snitches who have the ears of the management. They must be allies focused on improving performance. The era of fixed jobs has just about ended.

    Today candidates should ideally be evaluated for cultural fit, more than certifications or rigid standards of prior experience. In this setting HR departments provide a framework of feedback and performance appraisal that ultimately leads to better role fit and enhanced output. A future-ready HR department has people who at heart are employee champions.

    2# HR is challenging the accepted

    Challenger sales reps perform better than relationship builders or hard workers. HR personnel need to imbibe some of these qualities. HR must be in possession of accurate performance data and the analytics power to mine insights from the pool. Based on these insights, it validates or refutes strategies suggested by the management because ultimately execution relies on the prowess of talent and making the most of talent is a big piece of the HR pie.

    3# HR is comfortable with man-machine collaboration

    Since Human Resources by default deal with human beings, the question has always been “Who is better – man or machine?” The HR domain of the future is different. Professionals need to realise that machines may not have the empathy of humans, but they are useful for certain aspects of efficient operation like automating repetitive tasks and removing unconscious bias from decision-making. Instead of viewing HRMS platforms as restrictive, the general bent should be to leverage its capabilities, entrusting it with tasks like leave management and investing the time saved in more worthwhile pursuits.

    4# HR is Organisational Network Analysis savvy

    Organisational Network Analysis (ONA) is the need of the moment as authority gets decentralised and workforces become distributed. ONA says HR needs to look beyond teams and consider the networks of teams spread across multiple touchpoints of a business. Visualising the interconnections comes with several advantages. First, it is easy to identify talent across networks of teams and companies may be able to think outside the box to fill positions in-house. Second, knowing who has leverage in several teams results in a quick transfer of strategy from one part of the operation to another, without massive push-back.

    5# HR is transparent

    Can transparency be quantified? Probably not. But open, candid internal communication certainly paves the way for transparency. There are several characteristics of this sort of communication:

    • It is real time
    • It is complemented by self-service capabilities so that escalation is limited to real priorities
    • It is “real”. This means the good news with the disappointing updates

    HR tools with communication analytics, integration with team messaging platforms like Slack and convenient directories are upping the ante.

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