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    HR Innovation and creativity – 3 mindset shift towards the future of HR

    HR Innovation and Creativity – 3 Mindset Shift Towards the Future of HR

    Oct 25, 2021 | People Management & Innovation

    Increasing employee productivity is the heart of the success of today’s workplaces even though a lot of technology like outsourcing automation artificial intelligence and many other software are available yet it’s the people who do most of the work keeping employees motivated and to boost productivity is a daunting task for an employer so here are some great suggestions by which an employer can bring about improvements and changes in the work environment and bring about positive results. 

    Now, Why Understanding This Is Important?

    Because the workplace is changing, the marketplace is changing and the roles of an HR professional are also changing. So that’s why you need to pay more attention to how to be more creative and innovative. Specifically in this article, I want to share with you three mindset shifts that you need to embrace. So what are the three mindset shifts you need to embrace? Let me go through it one by one with you.

    1. Number One Is “Think Different”:

    Think different. That means you need to embrace a different mindset. Traditionally, HR embraced a process-driven mindset. That means HR will map out a lot of different processes and the employees need to follow. But now you need to shift the thinking. You need to think differently. Instead of thinking about the process, you need to shift your thinking from process to experience. One cannot paint all employees with the same brush as each one is different and unique there is diversity in their potential have different needs and aspirations the employer must identify each one’s area of excellence encourage them and help them realize their own potential after accomplishing a difficult task successfully.

    From process to experience – What does that mean?

    This means you need to think from an employee perspective. You need to think from a user perspective. You need to think about how you can walk the journey together with the user or the employee, and then you map out your process and your experience journeys accordingly. So that’s the first thing you need to embrace to think differently to shift from process to experience.

    1. The Second Mindset Shift Is “Uncertain”:

    Embrace Uncertainty. So What Does That Mean?

    That means nowadays, because of the technological development, because of the market development, because of the social developments things are moving at hyper speed and things are getting increasingly uncertain and that’s why you need to embrace this new mindset of “Speed trumps perfection”. Speed trumps perfection. That means speed is super important. You don’t need to wait until the perfect timing to launch something. You don’t need to wait until the perfect product or perfect policy, perfect guidelines in place before you launch it. So what we suggest is you need to embrace speed. Whenever you have some new guidelines and new policies, you may want to launch it on a small scale. Launch it. Test it among employees to get there early feedback, so that you can improve the next version. Instead of waiting for the perfect moment to do certain things, you need to embrace this “Speed trumps perfection”. You have the version one; Launch it, get some feedback, improve it. Launch the version two and so and so forth. So that’s the second mindset shift.

    1. The Third Mindset Shift You Need to Embrace is “Be Open”:

    Be Open. Be Open to What?

    Be open to the marketplaces. Be open to what’s happening outside of the industry so that you can adopt the borrowed creativity.  Borrowed creativity: That means look at what’s happening outside of the industry and see if you can adopt and use it for your own industry. Inviting industry experts to train and share experiences are good ways to create a professional flow as training does not end once an employee is on board placing employees in challenging and diverse environment enhances productivity and creativity there is excitement to perform well and think out of the box that must be encouraged allow them to experiment and be liberal in giving space as young energetic minds are hugely talented.

    Traditionally our mindset was “oh that policy. Let’s say it is a four-day workweek policy that is available and happening in the technology industry and you may think that oh, we are not a technology company. It won’t work for us in this industry. That is their own policy because they are the technology sector. So what you can do right now is you need to be more open. Be more open to new ideas happening outside you. Instead of saying that “oh, we are different, we cannot adopt that”, what you can do is “oh this policy is working well in the technology sector or in that particular industry. How can we modify and make it work for our industry? So that’s the mindset shift. If you need to be open instead of saying “oh, we are different. We can’t do that” What you need to do is we can say “oh it’s working in that industry. How can we modify and adapt it, so that we can make it work for our own industry.”

    Final Thoughts:

    So to recap what are the three mindset shifts you need to embrace. Number one is to think differently. Number two, embrace the uncertainty so that you can focus on speed rather than perfection and number three is be open. Be open to other industries. Be open to other industry trends. So in short, “DUO” mindset – Different, Uncertain, and Open. So I hope this article sharing is something useful to you and I hope this can help you become a more creative and innovative HR professional.

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